2. Governance and Membership

2.1. Founding members

Open Repair Alliance’s founding members are: Anstiftung Foundation, Fixit Clinic, iFixit, The Repair Cafe Foundation and The Restart Project.

All founding members have a strong commitment to repair and to documenting the challenges and opportunities that we face. Most groups are non-profit organisations promoting community repair initiatives. The Alliance also contains a commercial organisation, iFixit, because of its commitment to sharing repair data as part of the Alliance and for its active role and strong voice campaigning for repairability in the United States and in Europe.

The work of the Alliance is facilitated by a coordinator organisation, The Restart Project, as of November 2017. This role is open to other members should they wish to participate or collaborate.

2.2. Membership

Membership is open to other organisations interested and active in issues around repair. These include: consumer rights organisations, environmental NGOs, networks and universities. The rationale for their involvement is to seek advice, support and insights from groups which might also benefit from our work.

2.3. Decision making

Decisions on the standard are made through consensus between the core members.